Global Family Gatherings Ministry is founded by Apostle Shemeji Melayeki in 2016, focusing on purely teaching sound doctrine to enrich believers into maturity and reach the World with the Revelation of Christ in Scripture.

The ministry current holds its gatherings at Singo Garden opposite Mbezi Garden Hotel alongside Bagamoyo Road.

The current gatherings are God’s Standards Sunday Services every Sunday from 11AM to 01:30PM, Fridays from 6PM to 8:30PM and every last Friday Prayer Nights.


Godly standards and models (People of the Word, Prayer and Spirit) through Evangelism, Teaching, Worship, Fellowship, and Working as a Family of Believers.


Where Love Sprout and Grow.


God’s Standards


“We are here to occupy every earthly system, putting purely God’s kingdom standards (people of the Word, Prayer and The Spirit) in all sectors, directly or indirectly inducing the spreading of Good News in every activity, every institution, and every sector both in Words and Deeds”

God’s Standards